Frequently Asked Questions


Hire site is completely free, we are not charging a single penny from users.You can get registered Free and add your services with correct information, address and map pin location, so users can find you easily.
Well it is important since, if you allow your location, it will provide better search results and you can easily find the person / service you are looking for. Do save this ‘allow’ option so the site does not have to ask for location access again and again.
Our home page search is one of the best.You can search using filters like keywords, by selecting category from drop down and by entering your location. Just type in or select the category and search will automatically update, you don’t have to press the search button, if you want to see the detail split view result on next page then you can click the search button.
Please click on the orange pin on map, it will open that person’s popup, click on the title and it will open that person detail page.
We are encouraging users to contact the person by calling them since, it is fast and easy. Otherwise, you can sms them on their given phone number. If you are a freelancer, you can send email to that person as well.
We have integrated the "Near By Places map" especially for users so they can easily locate the person to hire.The map shows the important places nearby and when you click on the place name, it will map you a route for his location.

When you click on freelancer email me button, system will look for your default mailing software, if you don't have any email software like outlook set up, then you will see the error.
You just simply copy the mail by taking your mouse on the email button, you will see the info like this [hire]malik[from]gmail[web]com  , remove [hire] and change [from] to @ and [web] to dot.
[hire]malik[from]gmail[web]com becomes


Please click on the orange “+ Add Listing” button on top and it will take you to submit new listing page.
It is not necessary to register first, because on add listing page, if you are not logged in, the system will automatically create your new account.But if you are already registered, please login first.
In this section, you must provide / type in the following information:
Listing’s Title:Please follow these steps: type your name, category name, nearby location, and city. This information will be helpful for system / search engines.
Description:Please provide description of your service: what you do, from how many years you are working, what you have done so far to attract users.You can also provide other modes to contact you.
Keywords: You can type in the relative keyword and click the plus button to add, this is normally for SEO purposes.
Category: It is very important that you select the right category name to suite your service.After selecting a category, you will be asked to type in your mobile number or email address.
Upload Image: It is very important that you at least upload one photo of you or your shop, or your work to attract users in selecting your service.
In this section, you will provide your address and pin it on the map. Please type in your nearby location.A help drop down will appear, select from the list and click on the “Find on Map” button, then zoom in on the map and drag and drop the pin to your exact location.
In this section, your will provide your working schedule, which time you work, which days you work.You can use timing drop down to select timings and use remove / close red link to mention that you work on the respective day or would be off. You can also mention your upcoming national holidays but it is optional.
After filling above mentioned information, at the very end, you can see Email and Username option.If you are not logged in or you are a new user, you can get registered, and if you are already registered, please login to avoid these options. Just check the ‘Agreement’ box and click “Save & Preview” button to publish.


You can open your dashboard by clicking on the down arrow in the top navigation next to image icon.
You can edit your listing by going to dashboard, clicking on my listings > publish listings. At the right, you will see your listing, click on the "setting" icon and select "edit" from popup.
You can change your password or update your profile by clicking on "Profile Settings" link in dashboard. Scroll down to "change password" section to update.
We have started rewards program in order to encourage users to add more listings for other users like plumber, electrician, labor, and mechanics and for users who do not know how to do this or are less educated.
You can easily find many user’s phone number and information that you have already worked with, so please help them by adding their listing.
For every 100 listings that you add,we are going to pay you $5 to you. For more detail, please open reward program page from top navigation.
In Review section, you can see two links:"Reviews Submitted" and "Review Received". As the name suggests, in "Submitted Reviews" section, you will see the reviews that you give to other persons listings and in "Review Received", you see all the reviews users give you for your services so you can approve or deny them to not show on your service listing’s detail page.
Currently we are not offering any new package because the site is totally free, but to feature your listing or get more access for your listing to upload more images and other information, we are going to create some paid packages in the future.
"Email Alerts" sections shows you the listing alerts that you created from front end on detail search page. The name suggests "Favorite listings", this section shows all the favorite listings. Press the "Heart icon" for your favorite person’s listings for easy access.

Still confuse & needed help please feel free to Contact Us