Reward Program

Are you looking to earn some extra cash

Hire person offers reward program to Earn $5 for posting every 100 listings.

We want to encourage users to help your fellows like plumbers, labors, electricians, mechanics and other who are less or uneducated or don’t know how to add their listings so they are able to get extra work and paid.

If we simply go through our mobile’s contact list, we can easily find about 20 to 30 people’s mobile numbers and names from whom we have already worked with and we might remember their shop’s location belonging to the relevant categories we are serving. We want you to help them by adding their free listing.


Signup Free & Start Adding Listings
Signup Free & Start Adding Listings
Sign up now which is free and start to add listings. If you simply go through your mobile’s contact list, You can easily find about 20 to 30 people’s mobile numbers and names from whom you have already worked with, let’s start adding them first.
Provide Bank / Receiving Details
Provide Bank / Receiving Details
Once you are done adding 100 listings, the system will automatically email you and an Orange button for "Request Payment" would be activated in the Dashboard. You can click on it and provide bank details or other payment receiving information like jazz cash, easypaisa...
Listing Verification & Get Paid
Listing Verification & Get Paid
When your payment request is received with bank information, we will first verify each listing that you add, make sure to add correct name, phone, address and picture. After verification, we will send you payment and increase your listing limit so you can start adding next 100.


Yes, anybody can participate in reward program, it’s totally free, you just need to sign up and start adding correct listings.
Yes you can, for entering every 100 listing you can earn $5. We know it seems less payable amount but this is a start up. We will increase the amount as the system prevails.
When you signup in your dashboard, you will see the reward program section. Where you see ‘how many listings you added’, and ‘how many remains’ on bottom, you see ‘request payment’ button which would be disabled first, but once you add 100 listings, it will change to orange and when you click on it, you can send us your bank information which will be replied with confirmation mail, that your payment request is received, and as the verification process finishes, we will send you the money in your provided payment method.
Yes you can enter one listing two times as one person may work two jobs, but not more than that and make sure on both listings, the title would be different so they don’t look same. For example, a person can be both graphic plumber and a mechanic.
When you add 100 listings and request for payment, we check the listings for correct entry. Just make sure you enter title, phone, address pin and at least one picture. The main purpose for doing this is helping the person who is uneducated, so make sure you enter his information correctly, especially the phone number so that people can contact him easily.

Still confuse & needed help please feel free to Contact Us